The baby room is bright and colourful to create a stimulating environment for our youngest guests. The babies have access to multi sensory play on a daily basis including sand and water; painting; gluing; play dough; jelly or pasta play. As well as a wide range of toys and books, we offer wooden toys and lots of natural materials to satisfy the curiosity of our babies.

Our baby room staff are very sensitive to the babies’ individual needs and routines and there are always plenty of cuddles. These staff are fully qualified and have specific training and experience of working with babies.

The sleep area is located within the main play area to ensure that whilst our babies are sleeping they are being carefully monitored at all times.

Our garden has a designated area for the babies to play and get some fresh air, plus we regularly take them on walks into the community in our triple pushchairs.

We have separate nappy changing and milk preparation facilities.