Children move into this room with their cohort of peers for approximately one year before they start formal schooling.  This means that the children will all be of a similar age and will all start "big" school together.

Within this room staff encourage the pre-school children to become independant learners by allowing them to choose their own activities and promoting Personal, Social and Emotional development.  The children have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities, with the emphasis on on the staff being on hand to challenge and extend their learning. 

Children's individual daily routines are still adhered to within the Butterflies Room as some of our oldest guests still like a little snooze and need help with their toileting.

We provide free extra currilcular activities for this age group including weekly Superstar Sports and Mindfulness sessions plus regular visits to local areas of interest.

We have positive relationships with surrounding schools which makes the transition to "Big School" a little easier when our children are ready to leave us.