Keeping our special guests safe and sound

We are very security conscious and upon visiting the nursery you will greeted by one of the Caterpillar staff team. Any new or unknown visitors to the nursery will be asked to communicate via our intercom system to verify who they are before deciding whether to allow them access to the nursery.

All visitors are asked to sign in our visitors book and are never left unattended whilst in the nursery. If you request your child to be collected by a family member or friend on your behalf, they will not be allowed entry to the nursery until they have given your password and Caterpillar staff have verified their identity.

The nursery has CCTV cameras within the entrance areas and externally to monitor those people approaching the nursery.

Our garden is fully enclosed and secure and cannot be viewed or accessed externally.

Toys and play equipment are all age appropriate, well cared for and replaced regularly. Staff and children are always following good hygiene practices to avoid the unnecessary spread of infections, and we strictly follow our Sickness and Illness policy.

We have a comprehensive set of Nursery Policies and Procedures which are available for parents to read at any time.

Caterpillar Day Nursery also provides sun cream for all our children to ensure they are protected during the warmer months.  Sun sails and trees provide amble shade in our garden during the hotter days.