HygieneUnderstandably parents and carers are worried abut Covid-19 and therefore we have created this page to help you navigate through the latest pieces of government guidance, and inform you of the steps we are taking to help ensure the safety of your children during this unprecedented time.

Here are the links to the guidance which we feel will be most relevant to our parents

Summary of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment:

• Our small “home from home” nursery allows us to care for your children in small groups with a consistent member of staff

• All staff have completed an online training course on Covid-19

• We have 2metre floor signs to ensure parents queue safely to enter the nursery in line with social distancing measures

• No visitors or students are currently permitted to visit the nursery, including the free extra-curricular activities we normally offer

• Prospective new parents are being offered the opportunity of a virtual tour via Zoom, and given details of some of our existing parents who are happy to share their experience of our nursery

• We already have an intensive cleaning policy, but this has been enhanced to managed Covid-19

• Children and staff are regularly reminded to wash their hands

• Our Breakfast and After School Club is currently closed until at least September 2020, to ensure the safety of our school aged children by not mixing their “bubbles” that they are currently within at their school

Please click here to view our full current Covid-19 Risk Assessment which is being reviewed at least weekly or when the government releases new or updated guidance relevant to our sector.