At Caterpillar Day Nursery we plan activities which are known to be of interest to your child. We encourage a hands-on approach where your child is free to play, explore and learn at their own pace. An individual record of your child’s development is maintained by their Key Person in the form of a Learning Journey.  This Learning Journey is electronically produced by staff adding observations, photos and key information about your child.  Using an app called Parent Link, you are able to view all this information remotely and also add information to your child's portfolio.

At Caterpillar Day Nursery the emphasis is always on what your child can already achieve, this is then built upon with activities designed to challenge and develop their understanding. We firmly believe in the value of learning through play and exploration rather than an end product.

Staff are always on hand to encourage and assist the children but the emphasis is always that your child completes their activities at their own pace and individual level. Our nursery routines take a free-flow approach so that that your child’s play and learning has minimal interruption and they are always given the opportunity to resume an unfinished activity.

The outdoor play area is well equipped and used as an extension to the indoor area to help further develop your child’s learning. Activities are carefully planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and our staff are very aware of the importance of the correct play environment for your child.

At Caterpillar Day Nursery we create an environment where your child will develop good personal and social skills as well as an appreciation of all aspects of this country’s multicultural society. As a parent, you are encouraged to discuss your child’s interests and progress with your child’s Key Person and this information will be used as a basis for supporting your child’s learning.

Our Rooms

Baby Caterpillars

The baby room is bright and colourful to create a stimulating environment for our youngest guests. The babies have access to multi sensory play on a daily basis including sand and water; painting; gluing; play dough; jelly or pasta play. As well as a wide range of toys and books, we offer wooden toys and lots of natural materials to satisfy the curiosity of our babies..

Crawling Caterpillars

A thoughtfully planned programme is provided for our toddlers allowing them lots of free play and free choice. We have two rooms designated for the children including a light and bright conservatory which looks out onto our garden and a creative play room..

Wriggly Caterpillars

Within this room staff encourage these children to begin to become independent learners by allowing them to choose their own activities, but with staff available to support and guide these young children. The children have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities, with the emphasis on the staff being on hand to challenge and extend their learning.


Children move into this room with their cohort of peers for approximately one year before they start formal schooling. This means that the children will all be of a similar age and will all start school together.

Out Of School Club

Various activities are provided for our eldest guests in our Before School Club, as well as a choice of breakfast. The children are then transported to their schools via the Club's minibus. Children who attend Meadowdale Primary School are escorted to their classrooms by a member of our staff team.

Holiday Club

During the Leicestershire school holidays we offer more fun filled activities within Caterpillar's Holiday Club. These are similar to our Out of School Club but we also organise trips to the park, museums, library and local places of interest within Market Harborough and Leicestershire. Breakfast, snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day. Parents are requested to provide a packed lunch for their children.

  • Baby Caterpillars
  • Crawling Caterpillars
  • Wriggly Caterpillars
  • Butterflies
  • Out Of School Club
  • Holiday Club